Why Should You Compost

Why Should You Compost

Composting has been slowly been becoming more and more popular over the last decade. With the big push to be environmentally friendly these days, we want to share a few reasons why you should compost and how it works.

Composting is an extremely environmentally friendly process. By composting you are helping to divert organic waste that would typically end up in landfills to nutritious soil that can help local farmers to develop healthier produce. With landfill space becoming increasingly hard to find and concerns being raised with greenhouse gases, composting has been all the uproar recently. When natural waste is in landfills, it is not given the appropriate amount of air to completely decompose, thus resulting in harmful greenhouse gases being released.

Many people ask what exactly composting is and how exactly it works. By now we know that it helps to divert waste from landfills, but how does it accomplish this? When you throw away these compostable items, such as leftover food and leaves, they are taken and placed in a bin to breakdown. In the process of breaking down, you are creating new soil that is very healthy and helpful for growing crops and plants.

At New Soil, we take the next step in this transformation by offering local businesses in the Grand Rapids area with the chance to make a difference. Whether it is saving on your typical garbage pick-up or it is being able to say you took the initiative in helping the planet, business owners love it. Now it is up to you to take the next steps.

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