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"The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel & JW Marriott are passionate about the environment and being responsible ecological ambassadors. Our partnership with Spurt Industries allows our hotels to do more for the environment and help preserve it for future generations to enjoy."
Amway Grand Plaza Hotel & JW Marriott
Grand Rapids, MI
"Composting with New-Soil has complimented our sustainability program and allowed us to �raise the bar� with our waste reduction efforts. New-Soil has been a valued partner and further demonstrates our commitment to do the right thing for our customers, employees, business partners, associates and neighbors."
Betsy Hernandez
Global Environmental Performance
"Throughout the past 20 years our staff has remained committed to a set of ecological standards. Among other green initiatives, we currently compost nearly all pre-and post-consumer food waste averaging more than 200 tons annually. San Chez continues to take great pride in being one of Grand Rapids� foremost eco-friendly restaurants."
Kate Henderson, Hospitality Manager
San Chez Restaurants, Inc.

Going green while saving green, these businesses are reaping the rewards of commercial composting & restaurant composting while helping to feed the future.